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Our team is made up of passionate, energetic professionals who believe that work should have a purpose, and that success comes from helping others be successful.
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Gary Doran, CPA, CGA

Chief Executive Officer

Like you, Gary Doran knows what it means to own and run his own business.  He understands the balance between taking risks and being efficient with costs.  This blends well with his values of honesty, integrity, open communication, and the focus of having a strong high-quality team behind him.

Gary comes with a diverse background with over 24 years in public practice and held other positions such as owner/manager in farming, chief financial officer in private equity, and secretary treasurer of a public school board.  He currently owns and operates an IGA grocery store and serves as a director of a mutual fund trust.  

His holistic approach towards his clients and trying to understand all aspects of their business and personal life leads to creating a satisfying experience for them.  

Companies such as Bumble Bee Baskets, Change my Life Coaching, and C4i Training & Technology have partnered with Gary to reach outcomes of operational efficiency, tax optimization, and audit effectiveness.

In his off time, Gary enjoys taking his boat out on the lake, mountain climbing, hiking, and enjoying the small moments with his family.

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Ryan Vu, CPA

Business Manager

Like many tech geeks, advisory and technology expert Ryan Vu has a passion for trying to use multiple approaches and perspectives to try to solve everyday problems.  He frequently asks simple questions like, “Does this fit in this sequence?  What if we try this instead?  Perhaps we have to brainstorm on this a little more…”

Ryan started as a lab scientist for four years in biochemistry before making the transition to public practice for over 6 years as a chartered professional accountant.  He is a seeker of knowledge and is constantly trying to learn new trends and ways of doing things that either increase synergy or efficiency to best help his clients.  The iterative process and looking at things from different angles is part of why he enjoys origami as a hobby. 

He believes that there is the right amount of risk (supported by data) that needs to be taken to achieve the outcome that clients have envisioned.  

Ryan also believes in being involved with a good cause and has worked with two not-for-profits (Calgary Reads & Calgary Search and Rescue) to help address issues such as low literacy outcomes and human rescue.  He has also been part of organizing a crowdfunding fundraiser that has raised over $60,000 in 9 weeks towards getting books into the hands of kids.

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Spencer Wannop, CPA

Fulfillment Manager

Spencer is a Chartered Professional Accountant and the Fulfilment Manager/Senior Accountant in charge of workflow management, quality control and preparation of engagements at Crescendo Accounting & Consulting. Spencer holds degrees from Mount Royal University (Bachelors of Business Administration, Accounting) and University of Calgary (Bachelors of Kinesiology).

Spencer believes that learning is the key to success and the best way to solve a problem is through creativity and outside of the box thinking. He works hard for his clients to meet deadlines and ensure that there is clarity of understanding of what is required. When his clients succeed, then he succeeds.


Spencer tries not to take life too seriously. He is self proclaimed “do-it-yourself-er”, avid outdoor enthusiast, and is passionate about traveling. Outside the office he can be found enjoying a wide range of activities from playing sports, hunting and fishing, binge-watching his favourite shows, or the simple pleasures of walking his dog alongside his wife. 

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Seham Mohamoud

Team Accountant

“An artist with an affinity for numbers” best describes Seham Mohamoud.

As a self-declared left-brained accountant, Seham approaches every problem through a creative lens. Equipped with years of client-facing roles and her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, she believes personal connection is essential to problem-solving. As a team accountant, Seham is well-versed in tax preparation.

In her spare time, you will often find Seham sketching, writing short stories, or enjoying the company of the cats at Calgary’s Regal Cat Café.

Josee Lapointe
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Josee Lapointe

Client Excellence Coordinator

Connection is what Josee Lapointe tries to reflect in her everyday routine.  She enjoys collaborating with others and trying to meet their needs at all levels to create a positive environment. 

Her education in business administration combined with her followership mindset supports the team in being able to stay on track and focused.  

She enjoys hiking, training her new puppy, baking, and watching the latest Netflix drama.

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Colin Mitchell

Marketing Manager

Colin is a progressive thinker that prides himself in bringing outside-the-box solutions to the most challenging problems. With marketing experience spanning various industries such as Automotive Repair & Sales, Technology, Retail & B2B, he joins the team to help strengthen their creative approach and spread the word of Crescendo proudly.

His keen knowledge of music, music production and artistic design help Colin bring a new perspective for those he works with to reflect on. Colin enjoys hobbies such as gaming, music production, mountain biking and working out in his spare time, not to mention his unending search for Calgary’s best sushi restaurant (If you have any leads on this, feel free to contact him).

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Julie Morin, CPA, CGA

Client Relationship Manager

Julie has enjoyed multiple positions over time.  From a banking position to owning several small businesses, to volunteer positions, and finally to public practice, the common thread has always been working with numbers. 

In 2007 she decided to capitalize on that experience and while working full time, completed her bachelor’s degree and CPA-CGA designation in 2015 through distance education. 

A keen eye for details and an outgoing personality have served Julie well during her extensive work with small business and agricultural clients over the past twenty years.  She joins the Crescendo team and works remotely from her home in the Peace Country.

Julie enjoys spending time with her friends and family.  She is always open to new experiences and recently learned how to run the sound board at her church.  Her favorite pastime is golfing, and she’s known to be a little competitive.

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Tiziana Gabert

Administrative Manager

Tiziana thrives when in a positive work environment. Her ability to manage complex situations and lift the moods of those around her makes her an invaluable member of the Crescendo team!

 Being the first point of contact, she endeavors to understand client needs and address them appropriately. 

Her education in office administration combined with her intuitive mindset supports the team in being able to stay on track and focused.  

She enjoys hiking, physical training, singing in the church choir, and traveling.

Meet Soni

Meet Soni

Team Accountant

Meet holds the role of team accountant and has a background in commerce.  

He is passionate about financial modeling and how to utilize that data in order to understand trends in the market.  With over 6 years in public practice, Meet has developed his experience in the fields of financial projections, taxation, audit, and compilations for various companies.  

His interests involve melodies in music, traveling to nature reserves, and cricket.  

Mrutunjay "MJ" Gajjar

Team Accountant

MJ holds the role of team accountant and, much like Meet, has a background in commerce.

With over 6 year of experience in public practice, his main areas of expertise in accounting are auditing, corporate taxation and budgeting, with experience in compilation as well.

MJ is interested in reading books on motivation, and mythology. He also enjoys singing & traveling to historical landmarks. 

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